Medstead Gardeners' Club

Our Plant Sale preparation started in Autumn 2019 and goes right through until the day itself.
As a gardening club we hope that everyone can find a plant to divide, take cuttings from and grow on, or by sowing seeds and growing them ready in time for 16th May 2020.

There is a Plant Sale sub-committee whose responsibility is to plan and handle the running of the Sale. This includes making sure we have plants to sell, as well as recruiting members to help on the day.

Growers - Please label all of your plants.

Starting in Autumn through early winter with division of plants and doing cuttings. There may be various herbaceous perennials, shrubs and plants you have which you are rightly proud of and it would be great to share (sell) any extras you have at the Plant Sale 2020.

Seeds are sown in Jan, Feb, Mar and April and grown on. We would welcome any mature grown on plants but you need to check your seed packets for all instructions, timings etc.


On the day there are various roles that need filling. Many of these roles have been pre-defined in order to maximise the efficiency for running the Sale on the day. We will assign roles asap in advance and have a chat with you. It would be helpful to know if you have “Plant knowledge” so we can utilise your skills.

On the day – Saturday 16th May

Preparation starts in the Hall early as we open at 10.30am through until 12noon to the public, and then clear up by 1pm. If you can spare a few hours that would be great.

We welcome and appreciate your support and involvement.