Medstead Gardeners' Club
Medstead Gardeners' Club


The 2018 plant Sale sub-committee need your help in TWO areas.

The first is plants - we need plants - all sorts. We know some members are growing especially, but many members have plants in their garden that can be divided to make more plants - it's also good for the health of some plants to do this. You don't need to do this yourself, members of the sub-committee will come round and do it for you. We just need you to volunteer some of your plants to be divided and help contributions to the plant sale. Contact the Club by any means you can, alternatively you can email with info.

Plants that we'd really like to get more of are:
Japananse Anemonies
Michaelmas Daisy
Ornamental grasses
Solomon’s Seal

The second area help is needed is with the new approach to collecting the plants for the 2018 plant sale.

We really need and welcome the plants donated by MGC members but when 100’s arrive on the morning of the sale it is difficult to manage in the limited time. Plants need pricing, labelling and arranging. Previous years it has been a struggle to do all this and get everything ready.

For 2018, wherever possible we would like plants dropped of at designated locations in the week prior to the sale. This will allow pricing up and any labelling to be done in advance. We will have a much better idea of quantities and types of plants. We will be able to provide more information on individual/specimen plants and plant groups - especially those we expect to be in demand and sell well. This will reduce the rush and pressure on the morning of the sale.

But to make this work we need members to volunteer to be a ‘drop off’ point and volunteers to help transport plants from the drop off points to the plant sale on Saturday 12th May. We need around 4/5 locations to be designated as drop off points. Ideally spaced around the village to make it easier for plants to be delivered. Able to cater with plant deliveries between 5th to 11th May.

What would we ask the drop off point volunteers to do? Add pricing labels and name labels if required; ask the plant donors for as much information as possible. Do some simple checks on the plants. Collate a list of the plants under their care and send this to the plant sale team in readiness for the sale day. Deliver plants to the Village Hall on 12th May by 0900.

The current drop-off sites and contacts are listed below, but we need a few more, and we'll need help moving the plants from the drop-off sites to the sale on the morning. If you can help with any of these then please get in contact.

Current drop-off sites available

Please contact your nearest one to arrange drop-off
Church House, GU34 5LT01420 562592
43 Abbey Road, GU34 5PB01420 564187
Ros Common, Foul Lane, GU34 5PH01420 562813
Or email